Excuse Me

Excuse Me generates excuses in case you are late, missed a meeting, need to get out of something, or just let people know that whatever went wrong, it wasn’t your fault!

Made with humour and over 166,000 possible excuses.


Availability: US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.


Things you can say:

“Alexa, ask Excuse Me for an excuse.”

The skill chooses or generates an excuse.  You can then ask for more excuses as often as you like.  You are unlikely to hear the same one twice unless you ask for it to Repeat.


Get Excuse Me from your local Alexa Skill store:  US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.





WhosMyOwner is a skill for users of popular lost property service WhosMyOwner.com


Availability: UK (more countries coming)

Things you can say:

“Alexa, ask WhosMyOwner if anyone has found my keys.”

The skill checks your WhosMyOwner account to see if there are any recent “finder reports”, and reads them out for you.   Finder reports are entered by lost property agents, police officers, receptionists and the general public if your lost item is found or handed in.

“Alexa, ask WhosMyOwner to send me some labels.”

The skill asks the WhosMyOwner service to create a formatted sheet of labels with your personal reference code, and email them to you.

“Alexa, ask WhosMyOwner what’s my tag number.”

The skill asks WhosMyOwner for a list of tag references that you have activated, and reads them out.  Members can print and write their tag codes on anything they like, not just official WhosMyOwner key fobs and luggage tags.

Note: You’ll need to be a WhosMyOwner subscriber to make full use of this skill.  You’ll be prompted to link your WhosMyOwner account to the skill when you first enable it.

WhosMyOwner is an easy, affordable way to make sure that anything you might lose can be returned to you, quickly and safely.  For more information, visit WhosMyOwner.com.

Get WhosMyOwner from the UK Alexa Skill store: UK