My Health Notes

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to remember your symptoms, when they started and in what order they appeared.

As we age, we tend to need health professionals more, but out time with them is limited. My Health Notes lets you log your observations about your own aches and pains, then request a report by email so you’ll have accurate information when you see your practitioner.


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Senior Moment

The number one question on many seniors’ lips isn’t world affairs or movie showtimes. It’s more like:

Why did I come upstairs?

As we age, it becomes harder to stay focussed on that ONE thing we really wanted to do today, or to tell someone when they call. All it takes is a distraction, like a delivery or phone call, and POOF! That one important item is in the wind.

Senior Moment is the voice equivalent of writing a note on your hand.

It’s an organiser, but it only organises one thing at a time – the thing that matters most to you in the moment.

To save that important thought say Remember, followed by a short description:

Remember, pick up my prescription from the pharmacy

To recall it later, just ask using natural phrases like:

What was that thing I wanted to remember?

Here’s a quick demo:

You can:

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Coffee Club – on Amazon Alexa

Everyone wants their favorite tasty beverage made just the way they like it. Coffee Club is a new skill for Amazon Alexa that takes the guesswork out of your next coffee run!

With Coffee Club you can add your team members or coffee-loving friends to a Coffee Club – along with their drink preferences. When it’s time for a coffee run, just ask who’d like a coffee, then tell the skill who to include in this coffee shop trip. Coffee Club will send all the information you need to your Alexa app, so you can take it with you on your phone, or forward it to whoever is on coffee run duty.

This skill was one of the first ever to use Alexa Conversations (which was in Beta at the time). It’s one of two skills I created for the #AmazonAlexaConversationsChallenge run by Amazon and DevPost in September 2020.

You can try Coffee Club here (US only), or read more details in the U.S. Alexa skill store !

House Hunting with Alexa

If you’ve ever found yourself in a nice neighbourhood curious about what it would cost to live there, House Hunting is for you!

It’s a new Alexa skill that simply asks a few questions about what you’re looking for, and gives you a summary of current prices in the area. It works on any Alexa-enabled device, and if you use it on the go, you don’t even need to know what zip code you’re in – just ask House Hunting to search nearby.

This skill was one of the first to use Alexa Conversations, and was one of two that I created for the #AmazonAlexaConversationsChallenge run by Amazon and DevPost in September 2020.

You can try House Hunting here (US only), or read more details in the Alexa skill store !

Countdown Conundrum

Countdown Conundrum is a simple yet challenging word puzzle game, where you have 30 seconds to unscramble the letters of a common word.  That’s all there is to it, but you’ll feel the pressure build as the seconds tick away.   Writing down the letters might help, but also eats into your time.  Good luck!

Update: (February 2019)  Countdown Conundrum just got a whole new word database, faster game play, score tracking, a new host (Brian) and some other nice additions.   On display devices, you can now see your scrambled letters, and quickly leave us suggestions, ratings or feedback just by scanning a QR code with your phone! 

This skill was inspired by Countdown, one of the longest-running TV game shows in the world.  It’s been running in the UK since 1982, and in France since 1965.

Availability: US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.

To get started, just find the skill using the link above for your local Amazon store,  enable it, then say to Alexa,

“Alexa, play Countdown Conundrum.”

Alexa will ask if you are ready to play.  Just tell her you’re ready and off you go.


  • Have a pencil and paper ready to write down the letters.
  • If you can’t unscramble the word, say so and Brian (Alexa) will tell you.
  • Look for suffixes, prefixes and other patterns, like -ING, -ION, etc.
  • If you got a different word from the one Alexa was thinking about, take the points anyway!
  • You can interrupt if you guess the word early.  Just say “Alexa, I got it”.
  • If the current word is too frustrating you can interrupt and say “Alexa, I give up”.

When you’re finished, just say Stop to end the session.   If you have a display device you’ll see a QR code link on the credits page.  Scan the code with your phone to visit the skill’s page on your local Amazon site. We welcome suggestions, feedback and we would love your 5-star rating!

Get Countdown Conundrum from your local Alexa Skill store: