Call Handler 2.0

My popular skill Call Handler just got a big update! Apologies in advance to any telemarketers who find themselves on the receiving end!

Call Handler makes is easy to reject unwanted calls without the need for an awkward conversation. Just launch the skill and place the phone down beside your Echo device. Your caller hears a pre-recorded – occasionally cheeky – message telling them their call is not welcome.

It can also play ‘on-hold’ music if you need to step away to fetch a pencil & paper, or a coffee. Version 2.0 adds support for display devices, new call rejection messages, one-shot invocations and music on hold tracks. It can now also speak using several different voices, and just play a ‘disconnect tone’ on launch, if that’s what you want. Details in the skill description page.

Get Call Handler from your local Alexa Skill store: US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.

Countdown Conundrum

Countdown Conundrum is a simple yet challenging word puzzle game, where you have 30 seconds to unscramble the letters of a common word.  That’s all there is to it, but you’ll feel the pressure build as the seconds tick away.   Writing down the letters might help, but also eats into your time.  Good luck!

Update: (February 2019)  Countdown Conundrum just got a whole new word database, faster game play, score tracking, a new host (Brian) and some other nice additions.   On display devices, you can now see your scrambled letters, and quickly leave us suggestions, ratings or feedback just by scanning a QR code with your phone! 

This skill was inspired by Countdown, one of the longest-running TV game shows in the world.  It’s been running in the UK since 1982, and in France since 1965.

Availability: US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.

To get started, just find the skill using the link above for your local Amazon store,  enable it, then say to Alexa,

“Alexa, play Countdown Conundrum.”

Alexa will ask if you are ready to play.  Just tell her you’re ready and off you go.


  • Have a pencil and paper ready to write down the letters.
  • If you can’t unscramble the word, say so and Brian (Alexa) will tell you.
  • Look for suffixes, prefixes and other patterns, like -ING, -ION, etc.
  • If you got a different word from the one Alexa was thinking about, take the points anyway!
  • You can interrupt if you guess the word early.  Just say “Alexa, I got it”.
  • If the current word is too frustrating you can interrupt and say “Alexa, I give up”.

When you’re finished, just say Stop to end the session.   If you have a display device you’ll see a QR code link on the credits page.  Scan the code with your phone to visit the skill’s page on your local Amazon site. We welcome suggestions, feedback and we would love your 5-star rating!

Get Countdown Conundrum from your local Alexa Skill store:



Kings over Aces

UPDATE: March 8th 2019. Kings over Aces has been selected as one of just 10 finalists out of 342 entries in the world-wide contest “Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge – Multimodal” !!

Kings over Aces is a game of risk and reward, based on the playing card guessing game Higher or Lower. It also contains elements of TV shows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Gameplay is straightforward: you are dealt playing cards one at a time, and you must guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous one.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

But there are traps to catch the unwary (and the unlucky).   See the skill description for details.

Good luck!

To get started, just find the skill using the link below for your local Amazon store,  enable it, then say to Alexa,

“Alexa, open Kings over Aces.”

Alexa will ask if you are ready to play.  Just tell her you’re ready and off you go.


  • Just say Higher or Lower when presented with a card.  If you are right, you gain a point and keep going.
  • If you’ve got a great score, think carefully!  Say Save Score to protect it but end the game, or play on and risk it all!
  • Aces are low, Kings are high.  Hence the name!
  • Two same-value cards in a row ends the game.
  • Jokers, while extremely rare, also end the game.
  • If you have a display device, you can use on-screen controls as well as voice.
  • Say Check Score to check your current, and highest, scores.
  • Say Help for instructions.  They will be read out, displayed on screen and sent to your Alexa app.

When you are finished, just say Stop to end the session.

Enable Kings over Aces in your Alexa app, or from your regional Amazon store using these links:


Charley Says

Charley Says lets you discover (or rediscover) the wonderful public information films watched and adored by millions of British families in the 1970s.

Public information films were produced from the late 1940s by the Central Office of Information, and they played on television and cinema throughout the 1970s.  Many were safety warnings, featuring children being approached by strangers, how to cross the road safely, why you should learn to swim, and safety in the home.

The skill was designed for Alexa devices with screens, such as the Echo Show or Echo Spot.  However on a device without a screen you can still listen to the soundtrack.

You can enable the skill here:


To get started, say “Alexa, open Charley Says”.

Then, ask for the list of films:  “List the films”

To play a film, say its number from the list: “Play film number four”