My Health Notes

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to remember your symptoms, when they started and in what order they appeared.

As we age, we tend to need health professionals more, but out time with them is limited. My Health Notes lets you log your observations about your own aches and pains, then request a report by email so you’ll have accurate information when you see your practitioner.


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Senior Moment

The number one question on many seniors’ lips isn’t world affairs or movie showtimes. It’s more like:

Why did I come upstairs?

As we age, it becomes harder to stay focussed on that ONE thing we really wanted to do today, or to tell someone when they call. All it takes is a distraction, like a delivery or phone call, and POOF! That one important item is in the wind.

Senior Moment is the voice equivalent of writing a note on your hand.

It’s an organiser, but it only organises one thing at a time – the thing that matters most to you in the moment.

To save that important thought say Remember, followed by a short description:

Remember, pick up my prescription from the pharmacy

To recall it later, just ask using natural phrases like:

What was that thing I wanted to remember?

Here’s a quick demo:

You can:

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Announcing… Points of Interest

Did you just see a For Sale sign? Or a breakdown, a traffic accident, or a coffee shop?

Or anything at all that you might want to check out later, or share with others?

With my new Alexa skill Points of Interest you can quickly bookmark your current location using just your voice! Later, you can ask for a trip report and receive an email as a permanent record for research or sharing with others. Your trip report has full details of your last 10 saved locations, including links to open them instantly in popular mapping tools like Google Maps, Apple Maps or What3Words.

Want to know more? Enable Points of Interest either in the US or UK, grant the necessary permissions, then open the skill and ask for the User Guide. Quick Links below.

Point of Interest – Help Screen – Echo Show 2

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Call Handler Update

Alexa Skills can now deliver a far richer audio experience using the Alexa Presentation Language for Audio (APLA). APLA enables mixing of audio tracks in a single response, which allowed me to add a new feature to Call Handler called Story Time. All the details are in the updated User Guide. Just say “Alexa, ask Call Handler for the User Guide”.

From the Call Handler User Guide