Coffee Club – on Amazon Alexa

Everyone wants their favorite tasty beverage made just the way they like it. Coffee Club is a new skill for Amazon Alexa that takes the guesswork out of your next coffee run!

With Coffee Club you can add your team members or coffee-loving friends to a Coffee Club – along with their drink preferences. When it’s time for a coffee run, just ask who’d like a coffee, then tell the skill who to include in this coffee shop trip. Coffee Club will send all the information you need to your Alexa app, so you can take it with you on your phone, or forward it to whoever is on coffee run duty.

This skill was one of the first ever to use Alexa Conversations (which was in Beta at the time). It’s one of two skills I created for the #AmazonAlexaConversationsChallenge run by Amazon and DevPost in September 2020.

You can try Coffee Club here (US only), or read more details in the U.S. Alexa skill store !


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