Let Alexa read you stories from Audible

Another Alexa skill that I worked on for Audible has just been published… introducing Audible Book Finder!

This is a new skill from Amazon’s Audible subsidiary that lets users simply say “Alexa, tell me a story”.

Alexa will either read you a short story from her own small collection (in her own voice), or you can choose a free short story from Audible in one of four categories (Mystery, Sci-fi, Horror or Kids).

These Audible stories are commissioned and curated by Audible for this skill and many are narrated by well-known celebrities, including Stephen Fry, Sir David Jason, Andrew Scott, Russell Tovey, Juliet Stevenson and Colin Salmon.

Give it a try – it’s free, and it works on any Alexa device. You can find it in the UK and US Alexa stores (links below).

UK store link here.

US store link here.


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