Call Handler 2.0

My popular skill Call Handler just got a big update! Apologies in advance to any telemarketers who find themselves on the receiving end!

Call Handler makes is easy to reject unwanted calls without the need for an awkward conversation. Just launch the skill and place the phone down beside your Echo device. Your caller hears a pre-recorded – occasionally cheeky – message telling them their call is not welcome.

It can also play ‘on-hold’ music if you need to step away to fetch a pencil & paper, or a coffee. Version 2.0 adds support for display devices, new call rejection messages, one-shot invocations and music on hold tracks. It can now also speak using several different voices, and just play a ‘disconnect tone’ on launch, if that’s what you want. Details in the skill description page.

Get Call Handler from your local Alexa Skill store: US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.


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