Ambient Sounds: Snoring

Snoring Sounds is am ambient sound skill that simulates someone deep in a peaceful sleep, and gently snoring nearby.  It can…

  • help you relax and get to sleep yourself, especially if you normally have company but tonight you’re home alone
  • make your home seem cosier and bring some comfort, when you’re the only one at home
  • make people *think* you’re in, when you’re really out. (Use this super-power wisely!)
  • trick a friend or sibling into thinking you’re asleep in your own room, when you’re hiding in theirs (who would do such a thing?)
  • when played on two or more devices at different volumes, give the impression of a whole family in an occupied home.


Availability: US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.

To get started, just find the skill using the link above for your local Amazon store,  enable it, then say to Alexa,

“Alexa, start snoring sounds.”

Alexa might stretch and yawn, before settling down into to sleep and gently snoring.

The snoring sounds play for a few minutes before looping.  The skill continues to play and loop until you say “Alexa, stop.”

Get Ambient Sounds: Snoring from your local Alexa Skill store: US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.


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