Pass Phrase

Pass Phrase generates memorable pass phrases to use in place of passwords for your online accounts.

UPDATE: [March 12 2019]  Pass Phrase now supports Alexa devices with a screen, such as Echo Show, Echo Spot and FireTV.   Check it out!


Availability: US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.

Pass phrases are considered safer than passwords by many security experts, including the author of this skill, because they can be very long yet still memorable.   The skill suggests phrases by generating short, memorable sentences and numbers.  You can use the phrase as-is, or if your online account requires it you can add or remove parts of it, or insert punctuation characters.

They are also much more user friendly than passwords, because most people can read, then remember a few words long enough to enter them into a login page, without having to constantly re-check their notes.

Don’t forget to keep your pass phrases safe just like you would a password. Pass Phrase doesn’t store it and can’t get it back.

Things you can say:

“Alexa, ask Pass Phrase to get me a new pass phrase.”

The skill generates a short four-word pass phrase, and a random number.

“Repeat my pass phrase.”

After saying your pass phrase, the skill remembers it just long enough so that you can ask for it to be repeated if you are writing it down or typing it in.  Once you’ve asked for another, or ended the session, it’s gone!


Get Pass Phrase from your local Alexa Skill store: US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.




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